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Project Big Life's library of calculators and tools are provided by teams of Canadian researchers, clinicians, data scientists and developers. Some of main contributors to this library includes:


RESPECT was designed for frail older adults living in the community, which includes those living in assisted living and retirement home communities, who might need support at home. RESPECT can also be used by formal care providers—such as physicians, home care staff or palliative care teams—to understand their patient’s decline. As a person’s health declines, they may need more supports and care in their home. Similarly, formal care providers can use this tool to discuss, with their patient, what can be expected as the patient approaches the end of life and plan for the supports that their patient may need.

RESPECT was created by the Project Big Life Team, which includes patients and caregivers to older adults who need care. The Project Big Life Team is led by researchers at the Ottawa Hospital, the Bruyère Research Institute, the University of Ottawa and ICES.

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