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Researchers create tool that estimates your chances of dementia

There is no cure or treatment for dementia but a third of those developing the condition could have delayed or stopped the onset by changing their lifestyle, according to the team from Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa.

Healthy Ottawa – A local tool to measure your progress

Could Ottawa become Canada’s – or the world’s – healthiest city? Today, Brigitte Pellerin looks at this city’s own answer to the Fitbit and other means of measuring wellbeing.

Why is death, unavoidable as it is, such an uncomfortable thing for many to talk about or plan for?

theZoomer discuss 'the final taboo', the uncomfortable topic of our own mortality, dealing with grief and what makes a good death.

How close is your death? New algorithm can tell patients how long they have to live

“We think patients have the right to their own information to tell them about what is going to happen to them. We still live in a paternalistic society where we don’t think the patient can handle that information or don’t think they should have this information.”

Take a quick online test to discover your risk of heart attack or stroke

"They found the calculator can accurately discriminate cardiovascular disease risk for a wide range of health profiles without the aid of clinical measures."

Test your risk of heart disease with a new online lifestyle calculator

"Unhealthy behaviours place a major burden on Canadian life expectancies."

The Agenda with Steve Paikin: Examining Health Care Policy (May 2018)

How much salt do you consume in a day? There's a calculator for that

"We're trying to debunk some of the myths that commonly accompany sodium by showing people there are several sources of sodium in their diet."

Canadian life expectancy: This is how much our bad habits cost us

“That first step that you take if you’re completely sedentary makes such a huge impact on your life.”

Unhealthy choices are costing the average Canadian 6 years of life

“I'm always surprised by the magnitude of this,” says Manuel. “I've been doing this for a while but still I'm always surprised by how much healthy living actually does affect your health."

Calculating your risk of heart attack or stroke

"In cardiovascular disease, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Need long-term care? Non-profits perform better in study

"It’s somewhat surprising given that there are regulations on long-term care homes and how care is provided in these homes, but it’s pretty apparent from our study that there still remains systematic differences."

What Motivates You? Q & A

“I found myself going back and recalclating my life expectancy with health choices: more exercise, more vegetables. Do you think the calculator changes behaviour?”

Life Expectancy Calculator Can Tell You How Many Years You Have Left

"I'm always struck by the magnitude, the size. It always does take us back a step. But it's because these health behaviours affect everything."

Air pollution levels linked to life expectancy, diabetes

"People who are in high pollution areas like Toronto or Windsor will find that their new life expectancy will be lower, and if you're living in low air pollution levels your life expectancy will be higher.”

New Calculator Sums Up Your Sodium Intake

“We know that Canadians are eating too much salt. But the calculator helps zero in on the exact sources in their diet that are responsible.”