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Test your risk of heart disease with a new online lifestyle calculator

"I think giving this information [to the patient] really starts to allow patients to appreciate if they stop smoking or improve their diet how that's going to reduce their heart disease."

Calculating your risk of heart attack or stroke

"In cardiovascular disease, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Air pollution levels linked to life expectancy, diabetes

Need long-term care? Non-profits perform better in study

What Motivates You? Q & A

Life Expectancy Calculator Can Tell You How Many Years You Have Left

The Agenda with Steve Paikin: Examining Health Care Policy (May 2018)

How much salt do you consume in a day? There's a calculator for that

"We're trying to debunk some of the myths that commonly accompany sodium by showing people there are several sources of sodium in their diet."

New Calculator Sums Up Your Sodium Intake

“We know that Canadians are eating too much salt. But the calculator helps zero in on the exact sources in their diet that are responsible.”

Canadian life expectancy: This is how much our bad habits cost us

Unhealthy choices are costing the average Canadian 6 years of life

New Ottawa Hospital research measures impacts of lifestyle choices with online calculator

"Unhealthy behaviours place a major burden on Canadian life expectancies."